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  • May 2015
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Paletas por Favor: Paletas la Desi Brings Mexican-Style Popsicles and More to Murfreesboro

Paletas La Desi has only been in operation for a few months, but the new establishment already has a legitimate fan base in Murfreesboro. For those unfamiliar with paletas, they are popsicles. But Paletas La Desi, located on the corner of Mercury Plaza (the Rose’s shopping center at Mercury and Middle Tennessee), does not serve […]


JailCigs May be the Sheriff’s Undoing, Ethics Questions Swirling Around Arnold

“Above the Law.” That’s the new feature showing at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. Well, it’s not really new. It’s been running for nearly five years, almost since the day Robert Arnold took office. But not until documents came to light about the sheriff’s connections to JailCigs, JailSnacks and a host of unapproved contracts and […]


Guitars + Art: The Work of Terri L. Fitzgerald

Sometimes, an experiment is just an experiment. But every once in a while, an experiment turns out to be a great idea—and a lifelong project. For Terri Fitzgerald, who owns Johnny Guitar’s with her husband, Bob, an experiment five years ago has turned into a means of artistic expression that shows no signs of slowing […]


Pickin’ Time in Tennessee: Strawberries Ready in May, Blueberries and Blackberries to Follow

If you buy your fruit year-round at the grocery store, you may forget that May through July are the times to get ripe, sweet, juicy, Tennessee-grown berries, fresh from the plant, and, in most cases, unharmed by pesticides and fungicides. Strawberries, blackberries, cranberries and raspberries are the fruits highest in antioxidants, according to The […]


Momma Smo’s Kuntry Cookin’ Cookbook Hits Stores for Mother’s Day

If you live in the “kuntry,” it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “there’s no cookin’ like mama’s cookin’,” and that’s a fact to which Bell Buckle’s own hick-hop star Big Smo can attest. Growing up, Big Smo (born John Smith) experienced countless homemade meals made by his mother, Momma Smo, or Mary Jane Smith. […]


The Busks, Spare Change

There’s no denying the frustration when a well-crafted album slips past my radar, leaving myself wondering, “Where was I when this was released?” yet it’s all too liberating when I cross its path. That was the case with The Busks’ Spare Change LP, released last October, which had me pondering how a relatively new band […]

Moonshine Bandits

The Moonshine Bandits – Thursday, 5/14 @ Tempt

Outlaw country/Cali-rap outfit The Moonshine Bandits prepare to bring their thing to Tempt on May 14, sharing the bill with Redneck Souljers and Crucifix. The Moonshine Bandits, Tex and Bird, combine the elements of country and hip-hop, which, when blended correctly, can contain large amounts of liquor and defiance; Got my trigger finger itchy off […]

Small South

Area Artists Open Their Homes May 16 for Small South Current Art Crawl

Small South Current is an alternative art crawl–a multi-venue, pop-up art show in the homes of Murfreesboro artists. Organizers invite local art enthusiasts to visit participating home studios from 2–7 p.m. Saturday, May 16. Interested parties can drop by 2639 Middle Tennessee Blvd., 423 Hawkins Ave. and 204 Bilbro Ave. between the hours listed above […]