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  • Nov. 2014
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Anyone Can Fly With Murfreesboro Aviation, from Pilots-in-Training to Joyriders

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ― Leonardo da Vinci As the trees blossom, the temperatures rise and the daylight hours expand, spring fever can hit and send you daydreaming about leaving […]


Adventure Time with Timothy: We Made It to Hippie Hill

At Linebaugh Public Library in Murfreesboro, a shaggy, redheaded man sits quietly in the computer lab. He’s contemplating the next step in his journey of homelessness. “Guess my next option is Hippie Hill,” says Timothy. Hippie Hill is a legal homeless community in Christiana, Tenn. About 30 people currently reside on this hill. The leader […]


David vs. Goliath

Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold pursued extradition of former City Council candidate Axl David from Virginia on a $570 theft charge after he allegedly embezzled the money as treasurer of the Rutherford County Young Republicans. Arnold reportedly said he treated the case the same as he would any other. One wonders why Arnold didn’t do […]


Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra Celebrates the Music of Queen

The Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra and Chorus will perform the spirited sounds of Freddie Mercury’s Queen with Canadian rock band Jeans ’n Classics. The evening’s performance, held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 12, at World Outreach Church, will be filled with selections from the iconic band’s prolific catalog. The orchestra, led by Music Director Joseph Lee, […]

Smashburger (6w)

Smashburger Offers Juicy Burgers, Fries Tossed in Garlic and Rosemary

We all know that cheeseburgers and fries aren’t the healthiest choice for a meal. Heck, the same goes for just about anything fried or made from red meat. Sometimes, though, a powerful craving comes up that only a cheeseburger and fries can cure. If you’re going to give in to that craving, at least make […]

Eric Sims

Eric Sims, The New Wave of Making Love

In a release self-described as “unmastered and untamed,” Eric Sims’ The New Wave of Making Love is a 13-track compilation of diverse, unfocused recordings that encompass several genres, musical styles and interesting sounds over the course of a confusing and conflicting 40 minutes. The opening track, “Fox Masks,” begins with haunting vocals by MTSU student […]


Hippie Hill Goes Heavy Metal, Metal Fest Set for March 27–28

The fire crackles and chicken sizzles as Hippie and Mama Jeanie welcome Pennsylvanias Whiskeyhickon Boys to a Kitchen Jam at Hippie Hill, located in Christiana, Tenn. Hippie and Mama Jeanie help run and organize Helping Hungry Kids on their property, known simply as Hippie Hill. They feed 30 to 40 people every day, and they house […]


Denny Laine Schedules Two Middle Tennessee Concerts

Veteran touring rock musician Denny Laine has announced two April concert dates in Middle Tennessee. The performances will be April 22 at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville and April 24 at the Arts Center of Cannon County in Woodbury. Laine was Paul and Linda McCartney’s main collaborator and co-founder of the band Wings, which was […]

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